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Summer Slump? It’s Time To Reboot

I don’t know about you, but sometimes it just hits me in the middle of summer—I call it fun regret. A few weekends (or weeks!) of indulgence, followed by a Fourth of July grill-fest, and all of a sudden I see the peek of a wine belly, puffy red eyes, and my summer jeans are starting to feel a little too tight.

All the work I did in the spring to get summer-ready is rendered pointless, and I’m paying for all the fun I had in the past six weeks. Right about now, I need to seriously re-commit to my beauty and wellness goals—I need to reboot.

These are a few simple things I do to get back on track, plus some advice from our fabulous experts.

1. Cut down the carbs (seriously).

In summer, it’s super easy to get fresh fruits and vegetables—don’t be lazy! Enjoy every minute of peak peppers, watermelon, basil, cucumbers, and more. Did you know that some of these summer fruits and vegetables can even improve your skin’s ability to combat the sun? Re-assess your summer eating and commit to making some diet changes over the next 1o days. Maybe consider taking a break from meat ?And it wouldn’t hurt to spend some time with chlorophyll. “It cures nutritional sins,” says Dana James, MS, CNS, CDN, one of our all-star CB-approved, triple-board-certified nutritionists.

2. Lay off the Rosé.

We know it’s good (red wine has amazing health benefits) but it has a ton of calories. We also know that laying off alcohol altogether—especially in the summer—is practically impossible. As a compromise, I like to ask for a Tito’s Martini Dry with extra ice, and to be served with the shaker. Tito’s is gluten free, and the ice will act to dilute the vodka so you can sip on this drink for quite a while.

3. Switch up your current exercise plan.

Just because you’re back and forth from weekends in the Hamptons/Upstate/anywhere ten degrees cooler than New York City doesn’t give you the excuse to duck out of your normal exercise routine. But it does give you a chance to make it mobile and change things up: check out Anna Kaiser’s streaming videos (so worth it) or any of these great exercise apps. Commit to a new mobile workout plan rather than blame your laziness on travel—you’ll thank CB later!

Dana James, CB-approved nutritionist, took the long road to finding her ideal exercise plan, but eventually found just the right mix for a hot summer bod. Dana explains, “I replaced my cardio-skewed exercise program with a muscle sculpting program.” She also mixed in a blend of yoga and sprints, which gave the results she needed. Everyone’s different, but why not mix it up a little? It just might get you out of a rut.

4. Treat yourself.

Does it seem counter-intuitive? It shouldn’t! Get something nice for yourself that will also offer some health and wellness benefits—it will help reboot you mentally. Pick up some new workout gear, try the inside-outside approach with Moon Dust, or the reverse, with an amazing serum from Vintner’s Daughter. Use these newly purchased items as a reminder to stay on track. Before you know it summer will be over and you will be gearing up for holiday season…

Like the sound of our summer reboot? You’re in luck: we’re giving it all away, including a consultation with all-star Nutritionist Dana James, Botanical Face Serum from Vintner’s Daughter, the entire line of Moon Dust, a shopping spree at Ayla Beauty, and much more. It’s all worth more than $1,500.00, and it’s the absolute best of beauty and wellness treatments, just in time for the height of summer. Enter to win, here



Try Nutritionist Dana James’ almond milk + spirulina smoothie (it’s amazing).
And here’s a list of our favorite summer products—including face mist with SPF!


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