April Gargiulo of Vintner’s Daughter Shares Her Beauty File

April Gargiulo grew up in Napa Valley, the daughter of wine makers. Among other things, they gave her an amazing name for a skincare company that no one can shut up about—her flagship product, Active Botanical Serum, has been earning accolades since the day it was released. “Cult, cool-girl” serum, “the face oil to end all face oils,” and “life-changing” are some of the modest praise April’s serum has received thus far, in news outlets from Vogue to the Financial Times. So when we talked to April about her cult classic serum, we decided we didn’t want to dive head-first into the serum (that’s coming later)—we wanted to focus on April. 

April launches the first in an on-going series where we figure out what the most timeless, put-together and coolest ladies are doing—what their days look like, what they can’t live without—in hopes that we might learn a thing or two. Beauty Files is a quick  and easy cheat sheet on how these incredible ladies are becoming their best selves.

Morning Skincare:  

I keep it simple, but super effective. Cleanse, tone (I like an acid based toner) and then apply Active Botanical Serum using the Push/Press technique. Sun protection is my last step.

Morning Breakfast:

Strawberries, gluten free toast with coconut butter. Tea. I drink tea all day long.

Night Skincare:

Same as my morning, but without sun protection. Every other night I add a retinol in between toning and Active Botanical Serum.


Magnesium and a multi-vitamin. I believe in getting your nutrition through whole food; that’s why Vintner’s Daughter is made from whole botanicals. There is no supplement that can compare to the balance found in nature.


Biking, hiking and Pilates Pro-Works. Pro-works is my savior.


Instacart and PS 1 app. I don’t like to shop and they do it for you.


I’m super minimal, no blow drying or even product most of the time. I rely on a great cut (Connie at Veer and Wander) for most of the heavy lifting.

Dermatologist Or Facialist:

Julie Lynge—but she isn’t a facialist, per se. She is a face massage therapist that I went to for TMJ. After our first session, my TMJ was reduced and my face looked like I had had a lift. It is dramatic, every time. She is magic.


For me, wellness is balance among all the things that are important to me. Sleep, nutrition, movement, spirituality, family, friends, work. Rarely do I achieve it in one day, so I measure it over the course of a week.

My Best Piece of Beauty Advice:

Drink more water and quit processed food and refined sugar. Both increase inflammation and make it hard for your body to do its toxin removal job.

My Best Piece of Life Advice:

Go for it. No risk, no reward. You only live once, etc. You get the point.

Biggest Beauty Myth:

#1 That there is such a thing as perfect.
#2 That you need a different product for every different part of your face/body.
#3 That aging isn’t beautiful.

My Charlotte:

There are so many woman in my life who inspire me. The one commonality is that they are all living their true, authentic selves. This is what I hope to teach my daughters most of all.


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