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A Peek Inside The New Joanna Vargas Skincare Oasis In West Hollywood


August 25, 2016

Joanna Vargas is a name synonymous with celebrity skincare: in fact, she’s one of the first people to be dubbed a “celebrity facialist.” Until now, her home base has been in New York city, with pop-up outposts during awards season (but nothing permanent) for her lucky celebrity clients in Los Angeles.

Her namesake salon opened in New York ten years ago, but with so many West Coast clientele, Joanna had been looking for the perfect spot to service bi-coastal clients. She told us, “LA was a no-brainer because I have so many dedicated clients who live there. I also travel to LA so frequently I have needed it for a while.”

Privacy and comfort was key for Joanna when choosing her new West Hollywood location: “I wanted a location that was convenient, central and private. I don’t want my clients to feel like they are on display when entering and exiting. Also I love this part of town because I can walk out of my house and go shopping or go to lunch. It’s awesome!”

All of Joanna’s signature treatments (check out this video of her amazing radio frequency treatment) will be available at her Los Angeles location, plus the addition of one treatment special to the West Coast. Says Joanna, “[At the Los Angeles location] We are doing a full body detox peel—it’s a full body microdermabrasion followed by a massage with compresses of shredded coconut so the skin is detoxed hydrated and soothed.”

It happens with restaurants—the terror of losing your original touch when opening a satellite location is real for spas, too. But Joanna assured us this won’t be just a namesake outpost; she’s taking her second spa very seriously. “I’m going to be in LA monthly to service all my regulars and will be doing more specialized trips for red carpets,” she says. The salon will have four full-time aestheticians, which includes two of Joanna’s senior staff from New York.

The space in West Hollywood looks so gorgeous, complete with an elaborate greenery-filled outdoor seating area (oh hey, California). It officially opens in September, but they’re taking bookings now. For client privacy, the Joanna Vargas L.A. Salon won’t publicize their address; to book a treatment, just get in touch with her New York salon—click here to reach Joanna through the Charlotte’s Book listing. We suggest you a secure a spot. We know we are.


The LED light bed at the CB-approved Joanna Vargas New York Salon is a thing of beauty.
Her radio frequency facial is incredible, and the woman herself is a dream (check out our intimate interview).


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