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What is costs to look like Jennifer Aniston

What Does It Really Cost To Look Like Jennifer Aniston?


September 27, 2017

Sure, it takes time and energy to look as good as Jennifer Aniston. The workouts, the diet, the meditation—but what about the hard-and-fast cost?

Using a pantheon of resources, E News recently pulled together an approximate budget for Jennifer’s yearly treatments. From microcurrent to eyebrows to spray tans, here’s the breakdown:


Word has it (according to InStyle) that Aniston gets microcurrent, Thermage, and laser treatments to stimulate collagen and keep her skin tight and toned. At roughly $2,600 for all three of the treatments combined once a month, skincare can cost upwards of $31,000.

Makeup, you ask? She uses Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer ($24), Giorgio Armani foundation ($64) and Chanel blush ($66). With four rounds of repurchases throughout the year—and no, this doesn’t count pre-event or pre-shoot visits to her makeup artist—that’s around $600.

Add on another $600 for perfectly groomed eyebrows by Anastasia Soare: that’s $50 a monthly session for 12 months.


Yes, the hair: that famous hair. Aniston’s perfectly straight, highlighted mane is the product of her longtime hairstylist Chris McMillan, who invented “The Rachel”. His cuts are $750 each. Aniston’s colorist is Michael Canale, and each session with him costs $400, for base and highlights. For joint appointments with them every six weeks for a year, the upkeep for her hair alone comes to $9,200.


To keep her skin California bronzed, she reportedly frequents Ibiza Tan in West Hollywood, according to the Daily Mail. With a spray ($50) every two weeks, Aniston stays tan for around $1,300 a year.


Time for a break to update the current yearly tally: $43,000.

But that doesn’t include weekly workout sessions with trainer Mandy Ingber, and it also doesn’t include any supplements or the price of keeping a fridge fully-stocked with organic, fresh California fruits and veggies. Only the best, right?


Want another perspective on the cost of celeb skincare? Here’s a detailed look.
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