Olivia Munn Thinks Fluoride Is Rat Poison


June 29, 2017

We often look to celebrities for tips. Honestly, we think Thermage for your neck is great, and we have Gwyneth to thank for that one. We also have celebs to thank for the weird idea that Xeomin is cool but Botox is somehow cursed, that au naturale skin is in (that’s a great trend, actually), and that maybe getting PRP for your breasts will provide some lift (jury’s out).

But we have to give extra thanks to Olivia Munn for her bizarre (baseless) admission that eating special potatoes changed her face.

Well, she’s back! And she certainly isn’t failing us this time. In a good long chat with New Beauty, Olivia Munn says that before she started using Proactiv (a brand she represents), she used to put toothpaste on her zits to make them disappear.

Now, before we dive too deeply into our incredulousness (you mean Olivia Munn didn’t have any better options for acne control?!) we’re told that she now swears that “she’d never use toothpaste on a pimple,” mostly because she found that dedicated acne-solving products (like the one she represents) work better. Surprising. But hear this: after learning about a key ingredient in toothpaste (and city water, come to think of it)—fluoride—Olivia Munn has declared that it’s toxic, and that she’ll avoid it in all forms.

“If you look at what fluoride is, it’s pretty much like rat poison,” Munn said. “There’s also a direct link that when we ingest fluoride we’ll get chin acne, which is why I stopped [using fluoride] two summers ago and I haven’t had one pimple on my chin.”

We’re so glad she doesn’t have any more pimples on her chin, but also—is it really because you stopped brushing with fluoride toothpaste, Olivia?

We think we’ll stick with the hyaluronic acid potato story, thank you.


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