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Inside The World Of Michelle Waugh- Luxury Coat Designer

Charlotte Talks To: Luxury Coat Designer Michelle Waugh

#CharlotteTalksTo is our exclusive interview series where we feature some of the amazing women out there shaking things up and remaining fabulous in the process. Read more

Just One Bite
Nutrition + Diet

The Brain Chemistry Behind “Just One Bite” And How To Beat It

You and dark chocolate have a long-standing love affair. You’re seduced every night. You’d like to be monogamous, but coconut ice cream calls you. Read more

Jamie Rosen , Town & Country's Beauty Director - Charlotte's Book Interview

Charlotte Talks To: Town & Country Magazine Beauty Director, Jamie Rosen

#CharlotteTalksTo is a lifestyle interview series featuring amazing women out there shaking things up and remaining fabulous in the process. 

INTERVIEW: Read more

Cryotherapy Coolest Way To Destress

Hot? Try Cryotherapy: The Best Way To Cool Down, De-Stress, And Increase Metabolism

Yes, freezing yourself seems extreme. But the benefits of Cryotheraphy—a 2-3 minute full-body freeze in a chamber where nitrogen-iced air circulates at minus-200 degrees Fahrenheit—has purported benefits that range from stress relief to reduced inflammation, better sleep, improved skin tone, and increased metabolism. Read more

How Does Micellar Water Really Work?

Micellar Water Is The Busy Woman’s Dream Fall Face Wash

The French have gotten a lot of things right. Bordeaux, baguettes, brie, vacation days—everything seems so luxurious and effortless. Which is why, when your brutal fall work schedule arrives—and the accompanying face-freezing nor-easters—it’s time to check in and see what the French are up to. Read more

Mizon Black Snail Cream

Research + Review: Snail Slime

Written and researched for Charlotte’s Book: an online resource dedicated to aesthetic health + wellness.

Terrestrial pulmonate gastropod molluscs, more commonly known as snails, continue to be a hot skincare trend.  Read more

What Is Irina Shayk's Papaya Powder Secret?
Vitamins + Supplements

Fact, Fiction, Or Genetics? Irina Shayk’s Papaya Powder Secret

Recently, Vogue reported that Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover model Irina Shayk swears by a fermented papaya vitamin powder that she buys in Milan. Read more

Not sure about beans? Holli Thompson will change your mind
Nutrition + Diet

Try These 5 Delicious Beans

Beans are an excellent source of plant-based protein, and contain essential minerals like calcium and magnesium. They’re also high in fiber, and help cleanse your colon as you digest them. Read more