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Tattoo Regret (Or Sun Remorse)? Meet PicoSure

You’re invited to a wedding, and it’s July, and the forecast is steaming hot. It’s a semi-formal outdoor affair, and you’d like to wear that gorgeous loose silk dress, but it’s backless and you’ve got two fading butterflies book-ending a random chinese phrase on your shoulder blade. Read more

How to get rid of dark spots on legs, face, hands and skin: lasers VS. peels

Lasers VS. Peels: What’s The Best Way To Zap Dark Spots?

Those little brown spots start appearing after every summer, and at first it’s a cute smattering of freckles. But after a few years, they start to take up permanent residency, and we just want to find out how to get rid of dark spots on legs, face, hands and skin in general. Read more

Laser Therapy To Get A Firmer Chest And Décolleté

Are Your Neck And Chest Revealing Your Real Age? These Laser Treatments Can Help

As we age and our skin starts to lose its elasticity and begins to wrinkle, the chest and décolleté (neck and upper chest) often reveal our true age. Read more