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From Alyssa Weiss


Plasma 27 Sheet Masks: A Nourishing Boost For Sensitive Skin

I have sensitive skin that tends to be dry, and I’ve always had a difficult time finding anti-aging skin care that hydrates my skin enough without causing breakouts or irritation. Read more


The Secret To Youthful Skin Might Just Be In Savannah, Georgia

While many anti-aging skin care lines boast a cocktail of antioxidants promising to rejuvenate skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines, the truth is that antioxidants alone are not enough. Read more

Jessica Johnson's Brow & Lash Serum Really Works

Jessica Johnson Brow & Lash Serum: It Works

Having turned 40 this past summer, I’ve noticed that my eyelashes are becoming a bit sparse. To that end, I’ve been on the hunt for a product that will not only spur hair growth, but also condition my lashes. Read more

My favorite fall cult beauty haul products

My Favorite Cult Beauty Products For Fall

The summer is over and autumn is upon us. If you’re anything like me, you spent countless hours outdoors, at the beach, pool and elsewhere braving the sun, wind, salt, chlorine, sweat and other environmental elements. Read more

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