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From Annie Leccese

Can juicing destroy your teeth?

Why Juice Is Bad For Your Teeth, Plus 4 Ways To Fix It

When it comes to offering major health benefits and aiding weight-loss, juicing has its pros. But as we sip on a green juice, giving ourselves a pat on the back, our teeth are the last thing on our mind. Read more


What’s The Deal With Hair Burning (a.k.a. Velaterapia)?

We’ve never purposely played with fire, because that’s not advised: we’re still not sure about this new treatment, velaterapia, a brazilian hair burning treatment that promises to refresh split ends and leave hair smooth and shiny. Read more

In The Kitchen

All You’ll Want For Christmas Is This Anti-Aging Chocolate

Your fridge is stocked with super foods, your bone broth is simmering on the stove, and you read all the latest health tips from Charlotte’s Book—all with the quest for a healthier you, and younger looking skin. Read more

The Anti-Aging Cacay Nut

Into The Jungle: 3 Anti-Aging Cacay Nut Oils We Love

Argan and Marula oils made a splash; Charlotte’s Book recently covered the incredible Moringa oil. Is there room on stage for a new star? Read more

holiday smile guide

Red or White? You Might Be Surprised

Your holiday schedule is insane—it’s not even New Years yet and you’ve snacked, sipped, and mingled your way through countless glasses of bubbly and dozens of cookies. Read more

How Does Micellar Water Really Work?

Micellar Water Is The Busy Woman’s Dream Fall Face Wash

The French have gotten a lot of things right. Bordeaux, baguettes, brie, vacation days—everything seems so luxurious and effortless. Which is why, when your brutal fall work schedule arrives—and the accompanying face-freezing nor-easters—it’s time to check in and see what the French are up to. Read more

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