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From Beth Levine

Marie Kondo

Are You “Marie Kondo-ing” Yet?

If you have access to the internet or binge-watch Netflix (who doesn’t), chances are you’ve heard of Marie Kondo, the empress of tidying up. Read more

Health + Wellness

Self-Care Tips For Healing (And Partying) Post-Divorce

You threw a party when you got married, right? Probably more than one, actually.

Flash forward to the Big D. And no, I don’t mean Debbie Does Dallas, or even Dallas. Read more

Coffee makes you live longer. Science says so.
Nutrition + Diet

Two New Studies Say Drinking Coffee Makes You Live Longer

Can I get a hallelujah?

If you drink coffee, this will be music to your ears: two new studies say that drinking coffee actually might lead to a longer life. Read more

Dimpleplasty only takes thirty minutes, with very little downtime—but would you risk a couple cute dimples if you knew it could go horribly wrong?
Buyer Beware

Dimpleplasty: That’s Right, There’s A Surgery To Create Dimples

You heard us. Think dimples are cute? So do tons of people lining up for this thirty-minute procedure, according to Allure and others. Read more

The Trends We Want To Say Goodbye To in 2016
Point Of View

Medical Beauty, Skincare, & Wellness Trends We’re Saying Goodbye To In 2017

We take trends very seriously over here at Charlotte’s Book, whether researching them to debunk, get you to try new things, or simply to tell you something’s not worth it.  Read more

glominerals gloRedness Relief Powder,
Expert Q/A

AskCharlotte: What Is The Best Makeup For Rosacea Cover-Ups?

Charlotte’s Book readers continue to write in with questions about Rosacea, and to answer everything from makeup to skincare to food trigger questions, we’ll reach out to our national directory of experts to help you. Read more

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