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From Claire McCormack

Botox for your teeth?

Botox Can Keep The Dentist Away And Soften Your Jawline, Too

Stress rears her ugly head in so many ways it’s hard to keep track. Wrinkles, acne, dull hair and skin, headaches, infections—the list goes on and on. Read more

Is tongue scraping the unsung hero of dental health?

The Unsung Hero Of Healthy Habits: Tongue Scraping

These days traditional Hindu ayurvedic practices carry a lot of clout among the legions of DIY natural beauty lovers. But, unless you’re penning or perusing beauty blogs all day, you may have missed the memo on the miraculous at-home ayurvedic remedy to banish morning breath: Read more

Jillian Wright Transcendence Oil

My Current Obsession: Jillian Wright Transcendence Oil

In our line of work, we try a lot of products: that means we know what we love, and why. “My Current Obsession” is a quick and dirty way to tell you about something we’ve tried and all the reasons why we like it. Read more


Hot Hot Heat — The Best Infrared Saunas And Why They’re So Good For You

I love me some sauna. And when I go in, I go hard. I stay in as long as I can tolerate, and happily spend hours doing a sauna—steam room—cold shower circuit. Read more

The biggest-ever Indie Beauty Expo is back in New York.

Indie Beauty Expo Does It Again

Prepare yourselves, east coast beauty junkies! After a successful Indie Beauty Expo event in Los Angeles this past May (a mere eight months after the first-ever iBE here in New York), the massive display of independent beauty brands returns home to New York City on August 24 and 25 with so many beauty, wellness and lifestyle goodies it’ll make even the most jaded New Yorker leave with a sack full of serums. Read more

What Is Flotation Therapy And What Is It Like?

Is Flotation Therapy The New Meditation?

Flotation Therapy isn’t exactly like Minority Report, where Tom Cruise finds Samantha Morton floating in a temperature controlled pool, meditative to the point where she can see the future, but that’s the basic idea: Read more

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