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From Gracee Tolentino

What tap water does for your skin?

4 Ways To Counteract The Harsh Effects Of Tap Water

You’ve probably read a few things about how New York City tap water is the best in the nation—that may be true, but there are still tons of trace chemicals and bizarre compounds that can do a number on your pretty face. Read more

How To Spot Counterfeit Beauty Products

Counterfeit Beauty Products: The Ugly Truth About Fake Beauty

We get it: everyone loves a good deal, which makes incredible online beauty discounts hard to resist. But consider this before shopping for your beauty and skincare routine from an unauthorized dealer (most likely on Amazon): Read more

Suntegrity SPF Lipstick Is Here
Sun Care

Lipstick Sunscreen Is Super Awesome

If you’re like us, you probably have a love-hate relationship with sunscreen too. You know it’s good for your skin—and you love the fact that the simple act of applying sunscreen religiously today can keep wrinkles and dark spots away longer in the future. Read more

Why Bar Soaps Need To Be In Your Routine - Drunk Elephant

Bar Soaps — Why It’s A Game Changer For Your Skincare Routine, Plus Our Top Picks

We’ve all been told in one way or another that using bar soaps to cleanse our skin is all but complexion suicide. While most experts agree that the harsh, drying iterations you’ll most commonly find in drugstores shouldn’t find themselves anywhere near the delicate skin on your face, it’s important to keep in mind that not all bar soaps are created equal. Read more

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