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Model Trainer Heather Marr's 10 Tips For A Summer Bod
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Model Trainer Heather Marr’s 10 Tips For A Summer Bod

In an ideal world, we would all maintain our dream physique year round, but that’s not the reality for everyone. Some people may actively try to add on muscle mass (which inevitably comes with fat tissue) during the winter months and want to reveal their hard-earned muscle in the summer. Read more

Heather Marr's Guide To 6-Pack Abs

Model Trainer Heather Marr’s Guide To Building 6-Pack Abs

Six-pack abs: Many of us want them and train for them, but few of us ever get them. As an independent personal trainer, I work out of many gyms and see the same mistakes over and over. Read more
Sample Butt Workout Program

A Sample Butt Workout That’ll Actually Give You The Bum Of Your Dreams

Everyone’s on a quest for the perfect butt. Perfect, of course, means something different for each person. But there are some general rules to follow for a more toned backside, which I shared recently. Read more

Why Your Butt Exercises Aren't Working

Why Your Butt Exercises Aren’t Working

When Charlotte’s Book founder Robin Shobin approached me to write about the glutes—how to change them with exercise, how long it takes to see results, etc.—I was slow to start. Read more

How does fitness change after 40?

How Does Fitness Change After 40? Here’s My Best Training Advice

Like it or not, our bodies change as we mature and enter our forties, fifties, and beyond. This is true even for those of us who stay active and continue fitness programs that were effective in our younger years. Read more

Weight loss plateau tips

You’ve Hit a Weight Loss Plateau: Now What?

There’s nothing more frustrating than hitting a plateau in your weight loss journey. You’re working hard and sticking to your eating and fitness plans when out of nowhere it seems that your progress stops dead in its tracks. Read more

what does it take to be "model fit"?

What Does It Take To Be “Model Fit”?

Heather Marr is one of the most sought-after personal trainers in the world, for none other than the most beautiful creatures in the world: models. Read more

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