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From Krista Iovino

Simone Anderson shared her weight loss and cosmetic surgery with the world: here's what we learned
Point Of View

4 Lessons From Courageous, Confident Simone Anderson

Of all the topics trending this year, we at Charlotte’s Book followed Simone Anderson’s story with special interest. Not so much because she lost an astounding 200 pounds in one year, or because there was controversy surrounding the legitimacy of her weight loss and that she took to social media with photos of her loose skin to prove herself, but it’s the lessons surrounding her very public transformation that got us thinking. Read more

Are potatoes responsible for Olivia Munn's transformation? We don't think so.
Point Of View

Our Thoughts On Olivia Munn’s Decision To Blame Potatoes

Haven’t you heard about the newest face-sculpting carb? Recently, Olivia Munn lit up the Internet when she posted a close-up photo of her face on Instagram—a face that, some suggest, looks more like Cher—and pretty much gave us all hope that, in addition to exercise and topical astringent, eating a potato can save us all from knives and syringes.  Read more

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