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From Lauren Bernstein

Blue Light Acne Devices

The Best At-Home Blue Light LED Acne Treatments

There’s a coup happening in your bathroom, led by dozens of electric beauty gadgets just begging to turn you into Charlize Theron. And in an age where we use our phones to fetch a cab and turn living rooms into massage parlors and exercise classes, it’s not surprising. Read more

Instant Skin Transformers

Instant Skin Transformers: The Face

In this second series of Instant Skin Transformers, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite skincare superheroes and skin-loving makeup picks that help you achieve a flawless, radiant complexion immediately upon application. Read more


Scrub, Replenish, Glow: The Best Body Products For Right Now

There’s no excuse, especially when we’re seeing summer peek around the the corner: you can’t forget to care for your whole body. Sometimes that care can be longterm (see: Read more

These cleansing brushes use sonic frequency to cleanse the skin more deeply and throughly than is possible with your hands. Read our review for the top 3

Skincare Devices Part 3: Cleansing Brushes

If you have one and only one techy skincare gadget, it’s probably an ultrasonic cleansing brush. In case you missed the boat, these electric brushes use sonic frequency to cleanse the skin more throughly than possible with your bare hands. Read more


Skincare Devices Part 2:
Skin Firming Microcurrent

Like all of the muscles in your body, your facial muscles need a good workout routine to keep things taught—think lifted cheekbones, a contoured jawline and overall enviably toned facial features. Read more

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