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From Meredith Geller, HHC

What Kind Of Milk Should You Drink?
Nutrition + Diet

What Kind Of Milk Should I Be Drinking?

The nutrition world is flooded with opposing recommendations, making it confusing for clients and consumers to make informed choices about food. Eat this. Don’t eat that. Read more

Natural Hangover Remedies
Vitamins + Supplements

Natural Hangover Remedies for the Holidays

The holidays are upon us! Parties, celebration, alcohol, festive food, more alcohol, and an abundance of holiday cheer. How does one navigate through these next few weeks and the inevitable increase in alcohol consumption? Read more


A Quick Rulebook: The Ultimate Guide To Holistic Beauty

All women want to feel and look beautiful.

“What should I eat to increase my glow factor?” is a popular question from my female clients. Read more

Meredith Geller's Guide to Clean Eating
Nutrition + Diet

An Easy, Clean-Eating Beauty Food Guide — Updated By A Wellness Curator

Eating clean leads to radiance. Eating clean is about enjoyment, not deprivation—eating clean does not have to be a drag. I’ve outlined some simple guidelines below so you can include more of these magic-making foods in your everyday life. Read more

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