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From Pooja Mottl

Smoothies Vs. Juice
In The Kitchen

Smoothies Vs. Juice? Plus The Most Delicious (Almost) Fruitless Smoothie Recipe

I’m not sure if I’ve talked about my preference for smoothies over juices yet, but here’s my verdict: smoothies.

Yes, juice looks so clean, so healthy, and its just packaged and marketed so well—there are juice bars and juicing at fabulous restaurants, etc. Read more

In The Kitchen

Sweet, Satisfying (And Healthy!) Date + Coconut Treats

Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions about eating healthy food is the concept of “giving up,” especially when it comes to treats. Yes, everything doused with refined sugars gets kicked out of our lives—packaged cookies, brownies, candy—pretty much the entire glass case of grab-and-go essentials at any Starbucks you visit. Read more

A healthy, hearty winter root vegetable soup from CB Expert Pooja Mottl
In The Kitchen

The Best Root Vegetable Soup For Cold Winter Days

This is an easy recipe with spicy flair, perfect for winter months. Carrot, squash, and lemon grass make for a complex, nutrient-rich soup—you don’t have to wait ages for anything to cook, and it’s just two steps. Read more

Pooja Mottl's delicious healthy breakfast for beauties.
In The Kitchen

Beauty Food: Eat This For Breakfast Today

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day because I’m usually very hungry, I’m at home, and I’ve got nothing else to distract me. Although I have time, it’s not a lot. Read more

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