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From Rachel Miller

EO Ageless Skincare Review

Review: EO Ageless Skincare Makes Winter Bearable

Winter sucks. But somehow, the EO Ageless Skincare line seems designed to combat some of the toughest cold-weather skincare woes—it’s not for truly sub-zero temperatures, but it’ll do, especially for winter’s so-far-mostly-mild-crossing-our-fingers-weather. Read more

Most of us think we have the basics figured out when it comes to skincare. But did you know that retinol is in the top three dermatologist-dictated rules?

The One Thing Dermatologists Recommend That You’re Probably Not Doing

Most of us think we know the basic skincare rules. It’s not that complicated, right? Wash your face (exfoliate!), drink water, use sunscreen, and you’re golden—you’ll look 22 until you’re 52, and beyond. Read more


The Newest Probiotic Science And What It Means For Your Skincare

Written and researched for Charlotte’s Book: an online resource dedicated to aesthetic health + wellness.

When we tell you that probiotics belong on your face, a natural first reaction is full-blown skepticism. Read more


Don’t Miss Prickly Pear Elixir, The BeautyRx Peel Bar (!) And Champagne At The First Indie Beauty Expo

The very first Indie Beauty Expo (iBE), happening Thursday, August 27, will bring together a constellation of indie beauty brands, their founders, the press, dermatologists, and fervent fans—all for the first time. Read more

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