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Which Supplements Do You Need To Take?
Vitamins + Supplements

Video: Go Inside My Supplement Cabinet With Beauty Nutritionist Corina Crysler

I am a supplement junkie. On any given day you can see me taking anywhere from 5-10 different vitamins or herbs. When I walk down the vitamin and supplement aisle at Whole Foods I read the labels and I’m convinced I need to add them all to my daily routine. Read more

Stop Eating Popcorn, And Other Healthy Changes To Make In The New Year
Nutrition + Diet

Stop Eating Popcorn! (And Other Lifestyle Tips For A Healthy New Year)

As the season of overindulgence comes to a close, we inevitably look back to reevaluate our habits in the past year, resolving to do better in the new year.  Read more

Face Oil Questions
Expert Q/A

Winter Face Oil Know-How

I LOVE face oil. But like so many women with oily, acne-prone skin, I resisted using face oil adamantly. Are you kidding? Add oil to my face? Read more

Helena Christensen Charlotte's Book Beauty File

My Beauty File: Helena Christensen

Who hasn’t been obsessed with Helena Christensen since she set foot on that secluded beach with Chris Isaak in the infamous Wicked Game video? Read more

Best beauty gifts for under $100
Point Of View

Start Shopping! Here Are 10 Beauty + Wellness Gifts, All Under $100

Is it the holidays already?! What happened to fall?

It seems to come earlier every year, but I couldn’t be more excited for the holidays. Read more

Can microcurrent replace Botox? Can they work together?

Can Botox And Microcurrent Work Together, Or Are They Arch Enemies?

Botox: paralyzes the muscle to prevent or release wrinkles. Microcurrent: stimulates the muscle with electrical current to keep it young and limber. Read more

Bobbi Brown's Beauty File! Read it on Charlotte's Book

My Beauty File: Bobbi Brown

As I’ve said before, if I had to pick one “Charlotte,” Bobbi Brown would be at the top of my list.

When her #prettypowerful campaign launched, it made me realize how powerful feeling confident can be—and isn’t that what it’s all about? Read more

How To Make Lemon Water The Right Way
In The Kitchen

There’s Actually A Trick To Making Lemon Water — Seriously

By now, hot water with lemon has made it’s way into the daily lives of best-self seekers looking to rid their bodies of the daily build up of toxins that comes with living in today’s world. Read more

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