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From Robin Levine (this is my website)

Welcome to the new Charlotte's Book
Point Of View

Our New Look: Just A Little Tweak Here & There

We’re feeling pretty fresh this week, in case you haven’t noticed.

Our readers are well-versed in the golden rule: a little well-placed update here and there is enough to make you feel like a million dollars. Read more

The Summer Skincare Switch Up: My Favorite Hot-Weather Essentials
Sun Care

The Summer Skincare Switch Up: My Essentials

It’s hot, the sun is shining, I’m sweating, and my makeup is semi-melting: it’s time to switch things over to my summer skincare routine. Higher temperatures give skin a different texture, and higher moisture content from sweat or humidity can cause certain products to act differently. Read more

We Review Bobbi Brown's Newest Book , Beauty From The Inside Out

Bobbi Brown’s New Book Is Full Of Confidence, Supplements, and So Much More: We Love It

Bobbi Brown requires no introduction. If I had to pick one “Charlotte,” Bobbi would be at the top of my list. She built a beauty empire that empowers women, and it all started with a lipstick. Read more

All About Charlotte's Book: Real Beauty, Real Advice From Experts In Medical Beauty, Cosmetic Health. And Wellness
Point Of View

All About Charlotte’s Book

If there’s one beauty-related lesson I’ve learned as a woman working on Wall Street, where I spent nearly 15 years of my career, it’s that your skin is the most accurate reflection of your vitality, strength, and overall wellbeing. Read more

We interview Drunk Elephant's founder Tiffany Masterson

Charlotte Talks To: Tiffany Masterson of Drunk Elephant


In a ridiculously crowded world of skincare products and creators, Tiffany Masterson is a sweet, light-hearted ingredient fanatic. Read more

Drew Barrymore doesn't want fillers...yet... our take on her NYT interview

Drew Barrymore Loves AKT, Doesn’t Want Fillers Yet

In a personal conversation with Bee Shapiro of The New York Times, Drew Barrymore dished the dirt on her skincare routine and spoke about her reluctance to use fillers, at least right now. Read more

Does sleeping in separate beds improve overall health?
Point Of View

The Suburban Revolution: Sleeping In Separate Beds For The Sake Of Beauty, Sex, And Aging

Just twelve miles from New York City, in Montclair, New Jersey, celebs like Bobbi Brown keep multi-million dollar estates complete with perfectly manicured lawns. If the people in this quaint neighborhood weren’t so well mannered, this would be Real Housewives territory. Read more

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