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From Robin Levine Shobin

Do facial exercises work? Is it scam or glam? We check with the experts

Facial Fitness: Scam Or Glam?

Do facial exercises work? Well, from the ancient Egyptians (you guessed it—another Cleopatra trend) to the Chinese to the French, women have been doing facial exercises for centuries. Read more

Varicose vein treatment: all you need to know about sclerotherapy and post treatment care

Vein Free Legs: We Tried Sclerotherapy

A varicose vein treatment can be tricky. It is important to know how it works and get prepared for 2-3 weeks of post-treatment care. Here’s what to expect from a sclerotherapy. Read more

Charlotte's Book Gets Personal With Celebrity Trainer and Actress Amy Rosoff Davis

Amy Rosoff Davis: Actress, Celebrity Trainer, Producer + So Much More…

#CharlotteTalksTo is a lifestyle interview series featuring amazing women out there shaking things up and remaining fabulous in the process. 

Amy Rosoff Davis is a celebrity trainer—but she’ll be the first to tell you (and rightly so) that she’s so much more than that. Read more

Debating The Carb-Cutout Program
Nutrition + Diet

Debate — To Carb Or Not To Carb

I struggle with carbohydrates constantly. When I go full Paleo for months and strike carbs from every plate and pantry, I am usually at my skinniest. Read more

Should You Use Rob Lowe's New Skincare Line?

Rob Lowe Breaks the Cardinal Law of Anti-Aging, But He Still Remains Ageless

Rob Lowe is an ageless wonder, a god among men (my husband, in particular).  I found this out a little while back while out to dinner on vacation in Hawaii. Read more

Meet your mecca: the New York Credo beauty shop is amazing.

Credo Beauty Has Landed In New York: What Should You Buy?

Credo Beauty has finally hit New York! If you haven’t heard of it, well—now you have. It was founded in 2014 by beauty industry veterans Annie Jackson and Shashi Batra. Read more

Restorsea: salmon egg enzyme skincare now at your derm's office.

Salmon Egg Enzyme Skincare: Now At Your Derm’s Office

Usually, getting skincare from your dermatologist’s office means retin-A, acids, or other medical grade ingredients, but a new line on the market isn’t made from any of these things—it’s made from salmon eggs. Read more

Beauty Dust: we tried Amanda Chantal Bacon’s line for a week and here's our Moon Juice reviews
Vitamins + Supplements

We Moon Dusted For A Week: Here’s What Happened

Think of it as a key part of the mystical wellness trend: crystals, Kundalini, and Beauty Dust. Amanda Chantal Bacon’s super-successful LA-based brand of milks, dusts, and juices has been covered by W Magazine, Vogue, and has also appeared all over Goop (yes, Gwyn loves the dusts). Read more

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