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From Samantha Blakeney

Sex and Good Sexual Health
Women's Health

What is sexual health really? The CDC and this top health expert explain everything.

Did 2020 have you feeling a little off? Without a dedicated office space, your days probably lacked a work-life balance. Maybe you were overwhelmed with parenting duties 24/7 — hello, virtual learning! Read more

Rosacea Help Line

Rosacea Helpline: 5 Facts About Rosacea And How Bespoke Rx Can Help

Flushing, dilated blood vessels, redness, swelling and adult acne. Rosacea sure likes to leave its mark, and if you’re one of the 16 million people plagued with this chronic skin condition, you’re certainly not alone. Read more

Why Your Dermatologist Should Be Compounding

Bespoke Skincare Rx Is Making A Comeback

In the old days a pharmacy was a facility where experts actually hand-mixed treatments for particular ailments. The practice is called compounding, and it used to be commonplace. Read more

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