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Contributor Guidelines

Guidelines For CB Experts

These guidelines are for expert contributors only (this means you are a dermatologist, plastic surgeon, aesthetician, nutritionist, health coach, fitness or yoga expert, or other person that has advanced training in what you practice). Are you just an avid reader, blogger or community member who wants to share your experiences? Click here to jump to your guidelines.

To write as an expert on our site, you must first join the Charlotte’s Book network of verified experts. We do not accept advertorials or content that is blatantly promoting a specific product or service. If you’re looking to created sponsored content or advertising, contact us. But please don’t blatantly submit spammy ad based content. We are smarter than that and so is our readership community.

Why Become A CB Expert Contributor?

Becoming part of Charlotte’s Book not only allows you to create a digital footprint, but you will help educate your future clients, providing the tools they need to make the right decision when choosing an expert, treatment, or service.

In short, you’ll help women become their best selves. All while gaining valuable, targeted exposure. And not to mention, you’ll be working with an award-winning editorial team, and your content will run along side award-winning writers who write for Cosmopolitan, New York Times, Self, and more

Expert Contributor Article Guidelines

Stay under 1,200 words.

Define Terms: If you use any unfamiliar jargon, explain in parenthesis at first use.

Voice—you’re talking to a friend: Our readers love us because we deliver expert, educational content, but it doesn’t sound newsy or cold; it sounds the voice of a trusted friend. You’re not speaking at a conference!

Bullets or lists help: Use topline bullets, rules or guidelines as much as possible. This helps readers focus on key points, plus it makes the article more visually appealing in a digital setting.

Make it personal and relatable: Be as personal as you can—using experiences or examples from your practice really helps. Not only is this engaging and relatable to the reader, it makes you sound like human, not a robot.

We said this already but we will say it again, absolutely no sales pitching or advertising: Our readers recognize a sales pitch and so does our team. Please don’t blatantly plug your products or services—that’s not what we’re about. Your content shouldn’t feel like advertising! It should feel relevant, helpful, and educational.

How to send pitches? CLICK HERE.

Guidelines For The Blogging Community

We’re looking for people like us, who are obsessed with skincare, aesthetics, and wellness. Many of our community members share their experiences. These experiences help others make informed decisions. We’re especially interested in “I tried it” experiences, product reviews, and your opinions on the ever-evolving world of aesthetic health and wellness. Your insights you’re help empower our community.

Please write to [email protected] and include the following information: Your full name, link to blog, instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest, linkedin profile, and any examples of previous work.

Word count: Stay under 1,000 words.

Voice: Don’t get too casual, but be personal, relatable, and intimate. You’re sharing secrets and experiences.

Note: Your role as a community contributor is to share your opinions, experiences, reviews, and insights—not to give medical advice. We have an amazing network of thoroughly vetted, credentialed, CB verified experts, and we look to these experts for professional medical advice in their particular field. Although we love recipes, we will also only publish recipes from CB verified nutritionists.


Please send your story idea to [email protected]. We will try to respond within 14 days. We get a lot of emails. And we try as best as we can to answer all of them. Please make it easier for us by including relevant information in the subject line of your e-mail. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.