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Beauty Products We Love - May Edition

Beauty Products We Love – May Edition


May 31, 2019

At Charlotte’s Book, our job is to stay at the forefront of new products, buzzy ingredients, and trends. We give our honest opinions on all things beauty and share what’s worth the hype (and what’s not). What this means is we try out a lot of products. Our monthly series Beauty Products We Love is where we’ll share products straight from our beauty cabinets that we just can’t get enough of. Here’s what we loved in May:

Robin Shobin, Founder and Editor in Chief

Bobbi Brown’s new EVOLUTION_18 wellness line is really amazing. The EVOLUTION_18 Beauty Superfood powder is formulated to include everything your skin needs. I’m a massive fan. Sometimes I just put it in water and other times I mix it in with my Lemon Halo Sport. The powder blends really well with the lemon juice base. It’s great because I get hydrated and take in my beauty superfoods all in one shot.

Sarah Carter, Staff Writer and Makeup Artist

I’ve been obsessed with oils lately. I recently discovered the Everyday Oil, and I’ve already fallen victim to the hype. It’s a mixture of cold-pressed coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil, jojoba, and castor oil. The Mainstay blend also contains essential oils including palo santo, lavender, geranium, and clary sage. It’s basically a hippie’s dream in a bottle, and I’m here for it.

I love it as a facial moisturizer (mixed with my SPF during the day and by itself at night), but I also used it on my first (and hopefully last) sunburn of the summer, and maybe I’ve sipped too much hippie juice, but I swear it’s calmed down the itching and redness way better than my aloe vera gel, which shall be left unnamed. I hear you can also use Everyday Oil as a face wash, hair conditioner, makeup remover and primer, insect repellant, and the list goes on and on. Magic!

Stephanie Fantauzzi, Columnist and Actress  

I’m slowly trading in my heavier winter products for lighter ones. I love Trader Joe’s Oatmeal Exfoliant French Milled Bar for a nice, rich lather. I’m not a fan of soaps that don’t lather which is why I love this one. It’s rich, but not indulgent. This soap smells like you’ve spent the day at the spa. For SPF, I can’t vacation without ELTA MD UV Clear. ELTA offers both a clear and tinted version, which I alternate. The tinted version protects the skin while providing a light makeup coverage, perfect for day getaways in the summer.

Krista Iovino, Momma and Longtime Staff Writer

My obsession of the moment is Nuxe Dry Oil Huile Prodigieuse®.  The warmer climate has me uncovering more skin, so I’m glad I found something that really works at keeping me aglow. I only apply it to my legs and arms, but I’m sure the whole body would appreciate the added nourishment. My secret is that I apply it liberally in the shower right before I turn off the water; this way, it absorbs into the skin beautifully while still wet. The scent of the oil is pretty, but can be a little potent at first, so if you’re not a fan of floral perfumes, this isn’t for you. However, the scent dissipates as the oil absorbs and then you’re left with glowing skin and a light, clean aroma that’s barely noticeable.  

Feature image via justBOBBI

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