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The Perfect Maskne Fix

A Copper And Shea Butter Skin Nourishing Mask – say what?


November 22, 2020

“Maskne” is a thing everyone and anyone is talking about in skincare. But I have yet to find a “fix” of the problem. I recently met with Dr. Doris Day and she was masked up in something I have never seen before…I politely asked… what is that amazing mask on your face? The conversation turned into an entire schooling on exactly what “Maskne” is…and it’s not caused by what you think. Dr. Day explained how to fix it, what mask to buy, and what product is it’s cure all. Read on….

The Mask Itself Is A Major Issue

Dr. Doris Day explains, “The material of the mask, along with its fit, has an impact on both its level of protection and its effect on your skin. Earlier masks were often made out of repurposed fabrics not designed or tested on delicate facial skin and, offering less than ideal protection against COVID-19. “ She explains.

The material you choose is going to have a major impact on how your skin reacts. So, I know we are all choosing masks for fashion, but let’s choose them for our skin. “The microenvironment beneath the mask is starkly different than normal skin at its baseline. There is increased humidity from your breath and increased circulating microbes. On top of that, the constant act of removing and reapplying the mask throughout the day has your skin cycling through environmental extremes.”

This leads to the one major thing happening under that mask….

The Wet vs. Dry Reaction

Dr. Day explained to me there is this vicious wet vs. dry battle going on inside the mask. This persistent loop of wet/dry states results in a condition that Dr. Day calls “dyshidrosis.” “This ultimately leads to breakdown of the delicate facial skin as well as the breakouts we have all come to know as ‘maskne.’

Over Cleansing The Mask-ing Area

Since we are all well aware of “maskne” now and hyper aware of cleansing every part of us, many of us are also over scrubbing our faces (where our masks are) as well as our hands. This over exfoliating and over cleansing of the face area is often leading to even more “maskne.”

So…what should you do?

Dr. Day suggest two main fixes: the right mask material and the right post mask facial care. “My favorite is the Soliscia mask by Nufabrx. It is a first-of-its-kind reusable face mask where each fiber is infused with copper and shea butter, using patented technology, to help prevent “maskne” while simultaneously moisturizing dried out skin and protecting the microbiome of the skin. The copper is a natural antibacterial and the shea butter may even improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by keeping the skin hydrated. This means the fabric is locking in moisture while also acting as a facial decontaminant. The mask is designed for comfort and breathability, made with softer ear loops. Plus, it is machine washable and the effects last through up to at least 60 wash cycles.”

I also tried The All DAY masque.  It is Dr. Day’s patent-pending serum that creates an invisible nourishing cushion to help rescue skin from “maskne” and other challenges related to wearing a mask. Key ingredients include a powerful cocktail of natural lipids along with soothing aloe vera, Lauroyl lysine and Zinc PCA to help protect and restore your skin’s natural microbiome. It also contains soothing natural Aloe and peptides as well as Allantoin to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells.

Buy it here.

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