Up Your Winter Skincare Game With These Tiny Humidifiers

Best Mini Humidifiers

In almost every winter skincare guide on the internet, you’ll find a few tips that every dermatologist or skincare expert recommends. Generally, the idea is get more moisture, and one of the best ways to do that is with a humidifier. The bedside versions are great, but what if your office is one big box of stale, dry air? That’s 8-12 hours of dehydration! The jetset encounters a similar problem—recirculated, dry-as-a-bone airplane air and stuffy hotel rooms wreak havoc on skin and respiratory systems.

A portable humidifier might seem excessive (am I really going to carry one of those around??) but they’re actually amazing. Here are 3 of our favorites: easy to use and totally fabulous.

1. The Personal Humidifer Cap From Satechi, $30

This one is oh so easy to use. Fill a bottle or cup with water, place the humidifier into the opening, making sure the filter is submerged, and plug the humidifier into a USB port. Voila. To turn off, unplug it or wait until it automatically shuts off after 8 hours. You can then refill the bottle & plug the humidifier into a USB port to turn it back on. The cap comes in a mini and a regular size option. We recommend the regular sized version, because it doesn’t leak. The smaller sized version can only be used with bottles with narrow openings.

Best Mini Humidifiers

2. The Floating Ring Humidifer from Fog Ring, $12

This donut-shaped sub-miniature humidifier floats on water and it’s also an aroma diffuser—say what? It simply needs any type of container filled with water to do its job and connects via USB, or draws energy from a battery pack. It’s also super easy to clean.

Best Mini Humidifiers

3. The Bottle Humidifier Mini by 11+, $65

For the design snob, this bottle humidifier is gorgeously simplistic and perfect for a larger open space. Needing only USB as a power source, the humidifier is powerful enough to fill any personal space, whether it be the bedroom, living room, or office. The system works by pouring water into the bottle, while a USB battery moves the water, transforming it into mist. The product comes with two filters, and has a bottle capacity of 550ml.

Best Mini Humidifiers

Feature image via the instagram of Peach&Lilly

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