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Best Travel Size Skincare That Will Pass The TSA


December 5, 2014

The holidays are upon us and, chances are, you’ll soon be facing the age-old problem of fitting all of your beauty essentials into one chic, small travel bag. The predictable predicament is how to meet airport security guidelines without leaving a few of your favorites behind.

Enter, Travel Beauty, a new site that not only curates exquisite skincare from around the world, but also offers the most impressive lineup of TSA-friendly—3.4 fl oz or smaller—beauty products. You can thank founder Alyssa Barrie Weiss for bringing this vast assortment of travel size skincare, haircare, and makeup finds, sourced from all over the world, to your fingertips.

Forever a travel enthusiast, Alyssa developed a passion for scouring foreign pharmacies for exotic beauty elixirs over the years, thus culminating with the launch of Travel Beauty. Partner Claire McCormack, a fellow beauty junkie (and Fordham Business School grad), helps curate the offerings. She also helms the Travel Beauty blog, featuring informative, insightful posts written by some of our favorite beauty gurus. Experts include Yasmine Djerradine, hair and scalp trichological expert Philip Kinglsey, and plastic surgeon Dr. Dara Liotta.


ravel Beauty Founders Alyssa Barrie Weiss & Claire McCormack


A very cool feature on Travel Beauty: Create Your Own Travel Kit.  Put their chic, black Travel Bag, $18, (the lining is plastic so it’s super easy to clean) in your shopping cart, then turn on the “travel switch” to browse all TSA-friendly sizes. So what are Alyssa and Claire packing in their Travel Kits this holiday? Here’s their best travel size skincare recommendations to keep your glow in tact throughout your holiday travels:

Small Bee Venom Mask, $60

The Travel Beauty Team is absolutely obsessed with this mask/moisturizer! Heaven Skincare’s world-renowned Bee Venom Mask/moisturizer (or “Beetox”) is a natural alternative to Botox injections, with an active ingredient ABEETOXINâ„¢, based on bioactive bee venom compounds. The compounds in the bee venom stimulate the skin by smoothing out wrinkles and reinvigorating tired cells. Skin is “naturally stimulated” into producing collagen and elastin as a natural defense to the active venom compounds, helping to calm, tighten and rejuvenate the skin and give a more even, radiant complexion. You can apply it as a mask, but we wear it everyday as a moisturizer. Dry cabin air doesn’t stand a chance against this dream cream.

Heaven Skincare Bee Venom Mask On Travel Beauty

Institut Esthederm Repair System Eye Contour Lift Patches, $69 for 10 0.6 oz packets

These red eye-ssential under eye masks target all concerns of the eye area: bags, shadows, wrinkles, swelling and sagging. They are fast penetrating and fast acting. Apply them at the end of a long flight and your entire face will immediately look smoother, firmer, younger, and more luminous.

Lavido Nurturing Hand Cream, $14 for 2.36 oz

We know you’d never board a plane without a hand cream in your bag…right?!?! Repair, nourish, hydrate and protect your hands as you travel with Lavido’s anti-aging Nurturing Hand Cream. It’s formulated with organic, cold-pressed mandarin oil, distilled lemon myrtle oil, almond oil, shea butter, beeswax, and plant-based hyaluronic acid (phew!). Absorbs quickly…smells divine!

Travel Size Beauty Essentials on Travel Beauty

Caretrico After Treatment Enrich Milk, $64

A day of travel can wreak havoc on our hair. It’s always good to have a style refresher product on hand to smooth strands and fight fizz. This leave-in treatment combines hyaluronnic acid and rose hip oil to strengthen and moisturize the hair. We love its ability to add moisture and sheen to dry hair without weighing hair down. The rose hip oil also gives it a subtle yet divine scent.

Vine Minus Ion Care Water, $21 for 3.3 oz

This is one of our all time best sellers, and for good reason! This seriously hi-tech water is used by NASA on lenses going into outer space due to its ability to kill bacteria (did you know you can BRUSH YOUR TEETH with Care Water?). Negative ion water is 170 times more absorbent than regular water, so it penetrates to the core of hair and skin. Because it is negatively charged, it bonds to hair and skin, killing bacteria and providing superior moisture. This miracle water is the perfect hair and skin primer. It strengthens fine hair, making it feel thicker, boosts the strength of conditioners, treatments or styling aids, allowing the products to penetrate deeper and work better and enhances the efficacy of your skin care regimen.

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