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Bloomberg News exposes company for offering free UltraShape to analysts.

Bloomberg News: Analysts Sample UltraShape in the Name of Finance


November 28, 2014

In recent news: New York stock analysts are too busy crunching figures to bust out a sit-up, or a few. But, luckily, they don’t have to. According to the Bloomberg article “Manhattan Analysts Lose Belly Fat,” the manufacturer behind the new, non-invasive body sculpting device, UltraShape, is offering free trials to analysts.

Apparently, the Syneron sponsored freebies are meant to secure investors by showcasing the painlessness and efficacy of the product. But, we have to wonder: how many analysts are undergoing UltraShape for purely research purposes, and how many are stepping up out of sheer curiosity.

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Bloomberg reporter Gabrielle Coppola quoted a few of the braver, more outspoken participants in UltraShape’s new exposure campaign. One, a 25 year-old equity analyst at Griffin Securities Inc., reassured the news conglomerate that, “When it got around the bellybutton region, I felt a slight tickle…But I would not describe it as painful by any means.” This was surely good news to other analysts committed to testing out the treatment’s claim to painlessness body slimming.

Other analysts weighed in on UltraShape in relation to the treatment’s major competitor, Coolsculpting by Zeltiq. No strangers to the ins and outs of non-invasive body shaping, these financial wizards provided insight into why there’s plenty of space in the market for competition and emerging, body contouring technologies:

“Zeltiq’s done a really great job, but there’s ample room for more than one device to be successful in this space,” the analyst said. “People are starting to understand that this technology works, and there’s definitely a population out there that would be interested.”

We at Charlotte’s Book agree. Clearly, there’s definitely a population out there that’s interested.

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