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Bobbi Brown And Health Warrior Present The World's Most Beautiful Bar
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Why You Need The World’s Most Beautiful (And Delicious) Snack Bar From Bobbi Brown x Health Warrior


March 13, 2018

Bobbi Brown is synonymous with beauty. For nearly three decades, we’ve enjoyed her namesake makeup and skincare products. At the heart of Bobbi’s brand, though, is her focus on empowering women and celebrating inner beauty. So her newest venture—a partnership with Health Warrior, a superfood snack company that’s on a mission to provide nourishing, delicious food that strengthens from the inside-out—makes total sense.

Bobbi and Health Warrior just introduced “the world’s most beautiful bar”, a Dragon Fruit Chia Bar whose healthy, nourishing ingredients promote the idea that #BeautyBeginsWithin. It’s a delicious, beautifying snack bar perfect to throw in your gym bag, your purse, your desk drawer… And the fact that all profits from the partnership are going to Girls Inc., an organization that equips girls with all the tools they need to be bold, independent women? Well, that makes perfect sense too.

“Partnering with Health Warrior on this powerful campaign is a natural extension of my philosophy that beauty starts from the inside, out,” Bobbi says. “Health Warrior is one of my favorite healthy snacks and I believe in the brand, the ingredients, and in doing all I can to help girls grow up strong, confident, and empowered.”

The Bar

It’s a 90-calorie Dragon Fruit Chia Bar that fittingly launched on March 8, International Women’s Day. Bobbi designed the packaging herself, but the most beautiful part is what’s inside, of course. The naturally pink bar is dragon fruit-flavored and full of chia seeds. Rich in omega-3s, protein, and calcium, chia seeds promote hair growth and skin cell repair. Plus, the bar’s gluten, soy, and dairy-free, and it’s vegan.


Bobbi Brown And Health Warrior Present The World's Most Beautiful Bar


The Cause

While the nourishing power of this bar is amazing, this is no doubt the best part of the partnership between Bobbi and Health Warrior: 100% of profits will go to Girls Inc. A 150-year-old organization, Girls Inc. gives girls the resources, education, and mentorship they need to grow up strong and change the world. The President and CEO of the organization, Judy Vredenburgh said, “Girls Inc. is honored to be the beneficiary of this exciting partnership between Health Warrior and justBOBBI. We thank them for their commitment to empowering girls, reinforcing the importance of healthy living, and being positive examples of how women can lead and do good together.”

Get Your Bars

These bars are limited-release, so get them before they sell out! You can find the pink-hued beauties online at Health Warrior. You can also get them in-store at Lord and Taylor justBobbi concept shops. A box of 15 bars is $20.



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