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Dana James, MS, CNS, CDN

The Food Coach NYC
224 5th Ave.
Btwn 26th St. and 27th St.
3rd Fl.
New York, NY, 10001
212.213.8520 Website Email

Dana James is a triple board certified nutritionist and the founder of Food Coach NYC, a multi-disciplinary approach to nutrition therapy. Dana specializes in treating a variety of mental, medical, and health and wellness concerns. Pulling on her extensive, interdisciplinary training, Dana offers a unique perspective on how nutrition affects physical and mental health, and how conditions like depression can be treated through conscious diet modifications.

Dana’s approach is highly individualized, going beyond traditional nutritional consultations. She provides her clients with access to nutrition screenings like food sensitivity and neurotransmitter testing; she then incorporates the results into customized plans that include diet and lifestyle suggestions to improve overall health and wellness. She also offers fun, interactive services like cooking classes, pantry makeovers, and farmer’s market tours that make healing fun.

As a nutrition and weight loss expert, Dana has been featured on local and national television programs like the Today Show, Good Morning New York, and the Martha Stewart Living Show. She is also a feature writer on nutrition topics for and She is also an advisory board member on our very own Charlotte’s Book.

Outside of her private practice, Dana serves as the lead nutritionist for two New York affiliated anti-aging clinics: PhysioAge and Youth Diagnostics. She also serves as a nutrition advisor for the organization, Cleanse—a group that works to promote healthy, sustainable habits among new models.

Before beginning her successful nutrition practice, James received her education from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in the United Kingdom. After graduating summa cum laude from the internationally recognized institute, James went on to study at the Bio Brain Clinic in London. There she was trained in advanced techniques for treating depression and addiction through nutrition. James is currently pursuing a fellowship in anti-aging, regenerative, and functional medicine at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

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Dana is known to make nutrition and weight loss fun…imagine that? Her clients are known to fall in love with her life-changing insights as well as her personality.

Her 6-week Body Project and Detox courses are worth it.

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