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Daniela Turley MCPP, AHG

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Daniela Turley, BSc. (Hons.) MCPP, AHG, is a medical herbalist.Ā For over a decade, Turley has been conducting herbal medicine consultations and formulating herbal capsules, tinctures, and tea remedies for her upscale clientele.

During in-depth consultations, Turley assesses patientsā€™ individual needs and develops comprehensive plans to improve overall health and wellness and treat a variety of conditions. She specializes in treating stress related disorders, autoimmune diseases, skin concerns, digestive issues, and female reproduction.

Turley has become a go-to wellness expert for the celebrity and professional clients that flock to the clinic for treatments like the Antidoteā€”the practiceā€™s signature ā€œinside-outsideā€ anti-aging remedy. For her medicinal remedies, Turley has been featured in top publications like The New York Times, The Guardian and Good Housekeeping, as well as in the international press.

Daniela is active on Instagram and twitter.

Turley holds multiple prestigious academic and professional appointments. For years, Turley served as a senior lecturer in Herbal Medicine at the College of Naturophatic Medicine. Currently, she serves on the academic board of The American School of Natural Health and is a member of the leading societies for the practice of herbal medicine in the United States and abroad. She earned her degree in Herbal Medicine from the College of Phytotherapy, an institution accredited by the University of Wales. She then practiced for several years in the UK, before moving to New York in 2011 and joining the Goldstein clinic.

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Turley takes a combination of eastern and western approaches to nutrition, combining the best of both worlds to bring you one amazing outcome.

Among her many talents, Turley is brilliant at showing how nutrition is partly responsible for our acne, psoriasis, and anti-aging concernsā€¦the proof is in the healing.

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