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Jordana Mattioli

225 EAST 64TH ST.
NEW YORK, NY 10065
212.759.4900 Website Email

Jordana Mattioli is a licensed medical esthetician who practices at the office of renowned cosmetic dermatologists Dr. Julie Karen and Dr. Elizabeth Hale.  This city’s most in-the-know skin mavens, in the form of high-profile professionals and society types, are hush-hush when it comes to a facialist like Jordana, but it’s nearly impossible to keep quiet about such a find.  She is now one of the most sought after facialists in town.

Jordana is well-versed in advanced noninvasive treatments, and incorporates therapies like ultrasound, microcurrent, LED light therapy, photorejuvention, lasers, and more into her repertoire, but she has carved out a domain of her very own in the mighty world of chemical peels.  Fusing science and nature with ingredients like licorice, green tea extracts, and lactic or glycolic acids, she has created over 30 unique peels, ranging from mild to medical grade.  She can also use her wizardry to concoct a brand new blend of peel to match your skin’s specific temperament.

And as with any form of skincare maintenance, optimal and lasting results are a cumulative effort, but Jordana knows what to do to give you that instant wow-factor.  She also has a stockpile of calming agents like enzyme masks, vitamin creams, high-tech fans, and a giant tank of oxygen to make sure you are camera-ready for tonight’s big event.

Licensed Esthetician and Certified Laser Technician with over 12 years experience. For more information on the rigorous standards to which we uphold our practitioners, please read The Code.

Charlotte Loves

Jordana Mattioli will tell you that chemical peels done right not only remove dead skin cells to give you that certain glow, they clear the surface of your skin, so your other products can work their magic…and she is absolutely right!

Jordana Mattioli is a warm, kind, and gentle person who treats your skin just the same…her only enemies are evil blackheads who hate how painlessly she rids you of them.

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