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Kate Somerville Skin Clinic

Kate Somerville Skin Clinic
8428 Melrose Pl,
West Hollywood, California 90069
323.655.7546 Website

Nestled inside several cool and cozy bungalows on Melrose Place, Kate Somerville Skin Health Experts is a Los Angeles treasure. The unique setting, elegant esthetic and lifestyle approach to healthy skin has redefined contemporary skincare. In the spring of 2004, the Clinic opened its doors with three treatment rooms and three service providers. In just a few short years, it has grown to feature sixteen rooms and over two dozen service providers. Skin Health Experts at Kate Somerville is a result-driven, comprehensive, medi-skin clinic, designed to address the total health and welfare of the skin. With an emphasis on clinical skincare and advanced technologies, unparalleled service and proven results, it is a destination for those far and wide seeking real solutions to skin concerns. Featured widely in the media, the clinic is visited daily by some of Hollywood’s most photographed faces.

Skin Health Experts Medical Corporation is overseen by Medical Director Dr.¬†Danny Farahmandian, and all medi-based services are performed by Nurse Practitioners and Registered Nurses. Esthetic services are performed by certified estheticians, overseen and trained by Kate Somerville. The trusted team of ‚Äúskin health experts,‚ÄĚ comprised of the Medical Director, Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, RNs, Estheticians, Specialty Service Providers, and Kate herself, is devoted to each client and his/her goals. Each expert has been recognized by Kate Somerville and the Medical Director as a talent in her field and all share a common goal:¬†Renew Skin, Restore Health and Deliver Results.

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8428 Melrose Pl, West Hollywood, California 90069

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