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Yurga Kors, GPC

NEW YORK, NY 10021
212.600.4109 Website Email

Yurga Kors is the Aesthetics Director of the Park Avenue Plastic Surgery Center and oversees the center’s Skin N.Y. Medispa. Over the past ten years, she has worked hand in hand with the group’s plastic surgeons, such as Dr. Melissa Doft, to offer clients a comprehensive skincare program. Kors, a licensed aesthetician, has an impeccable reputation and devoted following for her medical facials. She takes a very hands-on approach with each client, analyzing their skin issues and custom tailoring each treatment to suit their needs. Kors has extensive experience in all facets of administering a medical facial, but is especially well-known for dermaplaning, hyper pigmentation correction, and various chemical peels. She is also an expert at custom European facials, catering to sensitive, acneic, and aging skin.

Kors, originally from Lithuania, loves to travel and often brings back new skincare devices, techniques, and ingredients from around the world to use in her Park Avenue practice. Kors was also a Paramedical Aesthetician Consultant at New York’s prestigious Christine Valmy beauty school, teaching students how to perform treatments that use LED, ultrasound, microcurrent, high frequency, and radio waves.

Yurga Kors is a General Practicing Cosmetologist and licensed aesthetician with over 20 years experience.

Charlotte Loves

Many glowing, line-free ladies on the Upper East Side can’t live without Yurga Kors. She has a sixth sense (not to mention 20 years of experience) that instantly diagnoses what your skin needs, then hand-picks cures from her arsenal of goodies, while you, most likely, fall asleep on her plush treatment table.

71ST ST. AND 72ND ST. NEW YORK, NY 10021

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