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The Future Is Now: Your Cancer-Detecting Bra Is In The Works


March 31, 2016

Computers are beating us at our own games, breast implants are now safe and feel real, and saunas are heated with ultra-powerful infrared light.

So it makes complete sense that scientists working at Colombia’s National University in Bogotá have designed a bra that detects breast cancer in the very early stages.

It works with that infrared light we’re so familiar with: tiny little infrared sensors in the bra lining record breast temperatures and give a warning if the temperature spikes.

Maria Camila Cortes is an electrical engineering student at Colombia’s National University involved in designing the bra. She explains to Fusion, “When you have cells in your mammary glands that are anomalous, the body needs to send more blood to that specific part of the body, and the temperature of this organ increases.”

The warning—sent from information gathered by the sensors—appears in the form of three small lights. Green means you’re all good, yellow means “we’re working on it, stay tuned,” and red means see a doctor. The bra is also outfitted with a chip that saves breast temperature recordings, which could be useful for future analysis.

There’s no official name or rollout date yet, but stay tuned. In the mean time, get those girls checked regularly (by a doctor!).


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