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Is lasesr hair removal really permanent?

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Who wants to spend their summer worrying about body hair every day? Waxing and shaving can be tedious, we get it.  A lot of people look to laser hair removal as an option.   Read more

How To Prolong Your Summer Glow

Summer’s Not Over Yet: How To Prolong That Glow All Year Long

Let’s face it: some seasons just look better than others. Sun-kissed skin, dewy and fresh—that’s not a winter phenomenon. Even unruly hair air dries best in warmer months, revealing natural, bouncy texture, while winter is infamous for dry, split strands. Read more

It's Bacne Season - Follow These Steps To Banish Bacne

It’s Bacne Season: How To Fix It

Warm summer weather brings with it the promise of al fresco celebrations and skin-baring fashions. Some of us count the days, hours, and minutes for the first sign of summer, but not all of us. Read more


Exfoliating: The Right (And Wrong) Ways To Do It

Exfoliation can be a wonderful treat for your skin. It removes the dead skin cells from the outer layer, leaving it feeling and looking radiant. Read more

Dry Brushing — Allison Tray

Your Morning Routine Just Got A Bit More Stimulating

The temperature is dropping, making it a prime time to focus on exfoliation. You’re no longer dealing with summer heat and humidity, which can make skin very sensitive—plus, your tan has gone from fab to drab; Read more

6 Tips To Stop Sweat

Iontophoresis And 5 Other Sweat-Stopping Tips

Sweating happens, especially now, when we’re dealing with some serious summer heat. But sometimes sweating can get so bad it interferes with your day, and that’s not cool. Read more


What’s The Deal With Hair Burning (a.k.a. Velaterapia)?

We’ve never purposely played with fire, because that’s not advised: we’re still not sure about this new treatment, velaterapia, a brazilian hair burning treatment that promises to refresh split ends and leave hair smooth and shiny. Read more

Does Waist Training Actually Work?

Experts On The Pros And Cons Of Corset Waist Training

Written by Nina Melendez for Charlotte’s Book: an online resource dedicated to aesthetic health + wellness.

You’ve heard of waist training: Read more

Bloomberg News exposes company for offering free UltraShape to analysts.

Bloomberg News: Analysts Sample UltraShape in the Name of Finance

In recent news: New York stock analysts are too busy crunching figures to bust out a sit-up, or a few. But, luckily, they don’t have to. Read more

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