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This Is How I Finally Lost My COVID Weight

Just like everyone else on the planet, COVID has not been great for my weight. I spent March, April, and May on an eating and drinking lockdown induced binge-fest. Read more

The 25 and Done Method: How It Changed My Fitness Routine (And My Life)

The 25 and Done Method: How It Changed My Fitness Routine (And My Life)

Last summer, my life came to an abrupt halt. I thought I had it all — a dream job in New York City, an amazing boyfriend who loved traveling as much as I did, a sun-drenched apartment on the Upper East Side, and the quintessential NYC life so many dream of.  Read more

Heather Marr's Guide To 6-Pack Abs

Model Trainer Heather Marr’s Guide To Building 6-Pack Abs

Six-pack abs: Many of us want them and train for them, but few of us ever get them. As an independent personal trainer, I work out of many gyms and see the same mistakes over and over. Read more
Sample Butt Workout Program

A Sample Butt Workout That’ll Actually Give You The Bum Of Your Dreams

Everyone’s on a quest for the perfect butt. Perfect, of course, means something different for each person. But there are some general rules to follow for a more toned backside, which I shared recently. Read more

How I Get Over The Dreaded End-Of-Summer Slump
Vitamins + Supplements

My End-Of-Summer Slump Is In Full Effect. Here’s My Quick Guide To A Post-Summer Reboot.

So many weekends of indulgence, a Fourth of July grill-fest, heavy August drinking, and all of a sudden I see puffy red eyes, the peek of a wine belly, the onslaught of new pimples, and is it just me, or are my jeans feeling tight? Read more

How CBD Protein Powder Cured My Back Pain
Vitamins + Supplements

How CBD Protein Powder Cured My Back Pain

If you’ve been keeping up with wellness trends, chances are you’ve heard of CBD. Short for cannabidiol, CBD is a compound derived from the cannabis plant. Read more

Why Your Butt Exercises Aren't Working

Why Your Butt Exercises Aren’t Working

When Charlotte’s Book founder Robin Shobin approached me to write about the glutes—how to change them with exercise, how long it takes to see results, etc.—I was slow to start. Read more

Amanda Kloots - Jump Rope Queen

My Beauty File: Jump Rope Queen + Celebrity Trainer Amanda Kloots

Former Broadway dancer. One-time Radio City Rockette. Sought-after trainer. Our newest girl crush. Amanda Kloots is all those things and more. After years as a performer, she decided to use her passion for dance and fitness to train others. Read more

Danielle Huthart Tried A Week-Long Intensive With Celebrity Trainer Anna Kaiser. Here's How It Went.

My Week With Anna Kaiser: What It’s Really Like To Do A Celebrity Fitness Bootcamp

One week is no biggie. Right?

I consider myself active. Fitness doesn’t come easily for me but I endure it because I always feel better after a sweat. Read more

the Best beauty and wellness Apps Right Now

My Favorite Beauty, Wellness, And Fitness Apps Right Now

It’s impossible to imagine doing even the most basic task without your phone: getting a ride, ordering food, flying, even meditating. We’ve talked about the many drawbacks of aging in the digital age, including turkey neck from texting and a variety of other smart phone-related aging and beauty woes (and solutions). Read more

We're giving away a spot for Anna Kaiser's week-long NYC Intensive! Plus, we've got some amazing goodies from health and wellness experts. Enter now for a chance to win!

We’re Giving Away A Week-Long Intensive With Celebrity Trainer Anna Kaiser

We’re so excited to announce that we’ve partnered with AKT to give away a spot on Anna Kaiser’s NYC Intensive from March 12-16! Read more

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