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Nutrition + Diet

Should You Add Salt To Your Food? CB Wellness Expert Tracy Piper Explains.
Nutrition + Diet

Should You Salt Your Food? The Answer Will Surprise You

Is salt bad for you? For years, the majority of¬†wellness experts answered that question with a resounding “Yes.” But recent research¬†published in medical journals,¬†as well as¬†the¬†New York Times,¬†has been calling that assumption into question. Read more

Nutrition + Diet

Seasonal Superfoods: Eat For Spring

The transition from winter to spring is intoxicating: flowers are popping up in the park and everything feels fresh and new. What about you?

Now‚Äôs the time to switch to spring superfoods‚ÄĒa seasonal, natural detox that your ancestors followed for centuries. Read more

Artificial Sweeteners: The Truth
Nutrition + Diet

How Diet Coke Messes With Your Microbiome

Beyoncé tells us to drink Diet Pepsi. Taylor Swift tells us to drink Diet Coke. While we may be fans of their music, after reading this New York Times article, their pitch for diet soda falls pretty flat. Read more

Nutrition + Diet

At Last: The Ideal Hangover Breakfast

Brut got a little brutal? Champs got you feeling a little less like a champion? We were wondering‚ÄĒand several readers asked‚ÄĒin the event of an over-zealous celebratory evening, what’s the best thing to eat? Read more

Agave? Honey? Stevia? Decoding Natural Sugars
Nutrition + Diet

Decoding Natural Sugars

If it tastes good, it should be good for you‚ÄĒjust because something’s sweet doesn’t mean it needs to be off limits! Even if¬†you’re an agave guru,¬†Charlotte’s Book expert Health Coach¬†Holli Thompson has some sweet surprises in this list of five natural sugars.¬† Read more

Nutrition + Diet

How To Stop Your Hangover Before It Starts

Sometimes the best medicine is preventive‚ÄĒaccording to our CB verified experts, there are some excellent ways to avoid that brutal holiday season hangover.Sometimes a New Year‚Äôs Day hangover is inevitable‚ÄĒbut what can you do before¬†you start drinking to¬†prevent (or make slightly¬†less terrible) the next-day woes? Read more

Not sure about beans? Holli Thompson will change your mind
Nutrition + Diet

Try These 5 Delicious Beans

Beans are an excellent source of plant-based protein, and contain essential minerals like calcium and magnesium. They’re also high in fiber, and help cleanse your colon as you digest them. Read more

How much water should I really drink?
Nutrition + Diet

Use This Formula To Calculate How Much Water You Need

“I try to take care of myself, drinking at least a gallon of water with lemon a day and making sure to take my vitamins,‚ÄĚ Queen Bey once told Vogue magazine. ¬† Read more

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