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As Seen In SWAAY: From Banking to Wellness, This Entrepreneur Is Bringing You A Sports Drink To Rival The Best
Vitamins + Supplements

As Seen In SWAAY: From Banking to Wellness, This Entrepreneur Is Bringing You A Sports Drink To Rival The Best

Most people wouldn’t guess that prior to Charlotte’s Book, founder Robin Shobin worked at J.P. Morgan for 14 years. As a self-proclaimed health and wellness junkie, however, Robin saw the glaring need for a resource that people could go to for up-to-date research on all things beauty, health, and wellness. Read more

Marie Kondo

Are You “Marie Kondo-ing” Yet?

If you have access to the internet or binge-watch Netflix (who doesn’t), chances are you’ve heard of Marie Kondo, the empress of tidying up. Read more

Heather Marr's Guide To 6-Pack Abs

Model Trainer Heather Marr’s Guide To Building 6-Pack Abs

Six-pack abs: Many of us want them and train for them, but few of us ever get them. As an independent personal trainer, I work out of many gyms and see the same mistakes over and over. Read more

How Your Gut Health Is Linked To Rosacea

I’m a big believer that a happy gut means better overall health, including skin health. Just like the skin, the gut has its own unique microbiome (the microorganisms in a particular environment), and if the microbiome gets disrupted, there are consequences not just for the digestive system, but for other organs as well. Read more

How To Deal With Food Bullying
Nutrition + Diet

Food Bullying: How I Learned To Deal With It, And How You Can Too

Many years ago, long before gluten was a buzzword, I was diagnosed as “gluten intolerant.”

As soon as I followed the prescribed diet, my life changed. Read more

Meet HALO Sport - A healthy, low sugar sports hydration revolution
Vitamins + Supplements

Meet HALO Sport: The Only Sports Drink Worth Having After A Workout

We’re knee-deep in the wellness era, and the beauty industry isn’t far behind. As more and more consumers shift their focus from superficial beauty to beauty from within, brands are stepping up to meet the demand for products that make people feel good on the inside. Read more

What Kind Of Milk Should You Drink?
Nutrition + Diet

What Kind Of Milk Should I Be Drinking?

The nutrition world is flooded with opposing recommendations, making it confusing for clients and consumers to make informed choices about food. Eat this. Don’t eat that. Read more

Women's Health

Bring My Belly Back: What Happens To Your Stomach After A C-Section

We all know that pregnancy changes everything, especially our bodies. For too long, women have been told to expect that they’ll never look or feel the same again. Read more

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