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Is tongue scraping the unsung hero of dental health?

The Unsung Hero Of Healthy Habits: Tongue Scraping

These days traditional Hindu ayurvedic practices carry a lot of clout among the legions of DIY natural beauty lovers. But, unless you’re penning or perusing beauty blogs all day, you may have missed the memo on the miraculous at-home ayurvedic remedy to banish morning breath: Read more

colonic basics

Why Should I Get My First Colonic?

My career as a colon therapist began almost 30 years ago. People would express polite interest in the topic if they didn’t have a serious health challenge but for the most part it was only through referrals from alternative medical professionals and personal research that people were booking appointments in the interest of improving their health. Read more


A Quick Rulebook: The Ultimate Guide To Holistic Beauty

All women want to feel and look beautiful.

“What should I eat to increase my glow factor?” is a popular question from my female clients. Read more

The Mind-Body Connection Makes Anti-Aging Possible

How The Mind-Body Connection Can Reverse Aging

In this case, “it’s all in your head” is the sweetest words we’ll ever read.

Bruce Grierson’s New York Times feature on the work of Dr. Read more

Silver gloves by Arjuna

7 Surprising Health Benefits of Wearing Silver Clothing

Did you know that silver, the same precious metal used to make jewelry, has numerous health benefits? We didn’t until we spoke with Mikaela Bradbury, founder of luxury fashion brand Arjuna, who explains why 18 percent of the fabric used in her clothing line is silver: Read more

The Best Wellness Subscription Services

3 Easy Wellness Subscriptions That Will Make Your Life Simpler

From pantyhose to pet food, there’s now a subscription service for everyone. Ironically, however, with over 2,000 companies implementing subscription delivery services in 2016—and likely more on the horizon in 2017—selecting the right one has become more stressful than simplifying. Read more

How My Dermatollogist Changed My Diet, Health, Skin and Mental Health

How My Dermatologist Transformed My Diet, My Mental Health, And My Wellbeing

It’s no secret in New York City: dietary needs are at peak consideration. If you are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, kosher, or anything in between, there is a restaurant, food truck, or dedicated menu just for you. Read more

10 Ways To Prevent Hangovers Naturally

10 Really Easy And Effective Things You Can Do To Naturally Prevent Hangovers

We know, you’ve probably read a million different hangover articles this time of year. But seriously, a hangover can ruin your entire day. But, this time of year, who has time to languish in post-party discomfort? Read more

Dry Brushing — Allison Tray

Your Morning Routine Just Got A Bit More Stimulating

The temperature is dropping, making it a prime time to focus on exfoliation. You’re no longer dealing with summer heat and humidity, which can make skin very sensitive—plus, your tan has gone from fab to drab; Read more

How To Really Make A Healthy Habit Stick

How To Really Make A Healthy Habit Stick

If there’s one trend I’ve noticed among women who are trying to create healthy habits, it’s that they think that being healthy is equivalent to eating a perfectly clean diet, going to the gym every day, meditating for an hour each day, and more. Read more

Understanding headaches

Identify And Treat Your Worst Headaches

Even the most self-aware wellness aficionados can run into a problem with headaches: you’re used to having a few too many drinks the night before, so a low-level headache is the norm. Read more

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