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The Charlotte's Book Covid Year Gifting Guide
Point Of View

The “Everyone For Under $100” Gift Guide

As I sit down to write this gift guide, I can’t even believe it’s about to be the holidays. 2020 – WTF! In light of this crazy year, I think everyone needs a bit of gift giving. Read more

Sex And Relationships

And We’re Back: Divorce, Affairs, and Friedrich Nietzsche

Itā€™s been well over a year since I posted on my beloved website: A website that was created to share real, honest information and expert advice on aging, fitness, wellness, any subject that I couldn’t find real and not overly editorialized information on, especially in the bottomless pit of the internet.  Read more

Point Of View

My North Star: How I Built Vintnerā€™s Daughter, A Successful One-Product Skincare Brand

If thereā€™s one thing I know, itā€™s that youā€™ll never find success if you donā€™t identify and tirelessly follow your North Star. Maybe your North Star is making a billion dollars. Read more

Are #bikiniselfies anti-feminist or pro-feminist?
Point Of View

Bye Bye, Miss America Bikini: My Thoughts On #bikiniselfies, Emily Ratajkowski, And More

The Miss America OrganizationĀ announcedĀ this monthĀ that they will no longer be functioning as a pageant, and will instead be a competition. Read more

Bobbi Brown's New Charlotte's Book Column
Point Of View

Musings Of A Curious Mind: Bobbi Brown’s First Column For CB

Iā€™ve always been incredibly curious.

I want to know the answers, whether itā€™s as complex as a personā€™s life story or something a little more simple like whether you can drink cocktails and still lose weight. Read more

Do you keep your cosmetic treatments a secret?
Point Of View

To Tell Or Not To Tell: Do You Keep Your Cosmetic Treatments A Secret?

In doctors’ offices all over New York, you’ll often hear the receptionist asking, “One credit card or two?” When I first heard this I didn’t understandā€”but after asking a few questions, I learned it’s because women want to hide their cosmetic treatments from their husbands. Read more

Best beauty gifts for under $100
Point Of View

Start Shopping! Here Are 10 Beauty + Wellness Gifts, All Under $100

Is it the holidays already?! What happened to fall?

It seems to come earlier every year, but I couldn’t be more excited for the holidays. Read more

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