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Why Your Pores Get Bigger As You Age (And How To Fix It)

As people age, change happens on the inside and the outside. Maturing affects everything from skin pigment to texture, so it’s mainly the world around your pores—the surrounding skin—that changes. Read more

Skincare and cosmetic treatments for your 20s and 30s

Cosmetic Treatments At Every Age: The 20’s And 30’s

With age brings wisdom, confidence, experience…and changing, maturing skin. To maintain a healthy, vibrant, timeless complexion, it’s important to know what to expect at every age, and how you can improve the skin’s appearance no matter what the change. Read more

Do facial exercises work? Is it scam or glam? We check with the experts

Facial Fitness: Scam Or Glam?

Do facial exercises work? Well, from the ancient Egyptians (you guessed it—another Cleopatra trend) to the Chinese to the French, women have been doing facial exercises for centuries. Read more

Should You Use Rob Lowe's New Skincare Line?

Rob Lowe Breaks the Cardinal Law of Anti-Aging, But He Still Remains Ageless

Rob Lowe is an ageless wonder, a god among men (my husband, in particular).  I found this out a little while back while out to dinner on vacation in Hawaii. Read more

Your Water Bottle Might Be Giving You Wrinkles!

Is Your Water Bottle Aging You? Umm, Yes…

It’s tough to go outside these days without encountering something that could kill you, or something that could give you enough wrinkles to make it seem like death is nigh: Read more

Are you storing your stem cells for long term beauty?

Are You Storing Your Stem Cells Yet?

For centuries, we humans have been seeking unique ways to ward off aging, both in terms of beauty and disease. But most solutions were along the lines of medieval women using crocodile fat as wrinkle cream; Read more

Crow's Feet Prevention Starts With Good Eye Care

How To Stop Crow’s Feet (Botox, Creams, And More)

People have been stressing about eye wrinkles for a long time: the term crow’s feet actually dates back to 14th century Middle English. Read more


This New Super-Popular Skincare Treatment Features Plant Placenta

Editor’s Note: EMK is a Beverly Hills-based skincare line made from a botanically-derived extract—don’t worry, we’re talking plants, not human placentas. Apparently, this extract is virtually identical to human placental extract, and the formulas calm acne, rosacea, eczema, and rejuvenate fatigued, UV-damaged skin. Read more

The Best Anti-Aging and Skincare Secrets From Bond Girls

Bond Girl Skincare And Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed


For 53 years and counting, movie-goers have adored James Bond and every iteration of his muscly, action fury-glory.

And yes, blame it on his charm, chivalry, impeccable taste and a knack for getting out of impossible traps—it’s no surprise this franchise has grossed close to $6 billion worldwide with a total of 23 films. Read more

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