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Sun Care

Suntegrity SPF Lipstick Is Here
Sun Care

Lipstick Sunscreen Is Super Awesome

If you’re like us, you probably have a love-hate relationship with sunscreen too. You know it’s good for your skin—and you love the fact that the simple act of applying sunscreen religiously today can keep wrinkles and dark spots away longer in the future. Read more

Is Your Tinted SPF Good Enough?
Sun Care

Are Tinted Moisturizers With SPF Enough?

Almost everything has SPF in it these days: but does a moisturizer, foundation, or BB cream offer enough sun protection all by themselves, or even layered? Read more

Love the sun? It might actually be genetic.
Sun Care

Addicted To Tanning? It Might Be Genetic

For naturally paler complexions, sporting a sun-kissed glow can be a real boost. It can also transform into a dangerous addiction: this new study suggests that some people feel the lure of the sun’s rays much more strongly than others, and researchers at the Yale School of Public Health may have identified a gene that predisposes some people to tanning addiction, shedding light on the plight of sun-worshipers. Read more

The 3-phase Sunburn Remedy, Explained
Sun Care

How The Pros Deal With Sunburn

Welcome to summer: Fourth of July weekend leaves us all a little toasted, in more ways than one. Sometimes we’re just so excited to be smack in the middle of summer, warm in the sun with a drink in our hand, that we forget to take precaution. Read more

Ferulic Acid Is Your New Suncare Essential
Sun Care

Why Ferulic Acid Is the New Must-Have In Sun Protection

The sun is out and I can see people out and about in Central Park, which is located right across the street from my dermatology practice. Read more

The Best Summer Scarves
Sun Care

The Summer Scarf: A Sun Protection Essential

Summer officially  began this past weekend, and tons of people will ring in the hottest months with a nice, rosy sunburn. If you’re burnt (and even if you’re not!) we’ve got your stylish solution for every single sunny day this summer.  Read more

Sun Care

Summer Style: 6 Must-Have Wide-Brimmed Hats

Three months and it’ll be gone—but those three summer months will be the most glorious, sun-filled, beach-lounging, book-reading, patio-sitting months you’ve ever had. Last year we wrote about the best scarves, hats, and sunglasses to protect from the sun’s damaging rays; Read more

Our top summer sunglass picks
Sun Care

Summer Style: 7 Chic Sun-Guarding Shades

Sun’s out, which means one of two things: you’re either the soaker or the sucker. With winter in the rearview, we’re all too eager to re-expose ourselves to those beloved UV rays we’ve missed so much. Read more

Sun Care

Decoding Sunscreen Lingo + Some Of Our Favorites

We know you’re savvy about what sunscreen you’re putting on your face, but don’t let the word “chemical” trigger your alarms when it comes to sunscreen. Read more

Sun Care

Expert Tips For Treating Sunburnt Skin

We’re about to hit the height of summer vacation: electricity use in Manhattan plummets, out-of-office replies soar from sky scraper to sky scraper, and well-intentioned vacationers absent-mindedly apply a thin coat of sunscreen before falling asleep in the sun. Read more

Sun Care

The 7 Sunscreen Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes

Top dermatologists weigh in on how—despite everything we know about sunscreens—we’re still unknowingly sabotaging our skin.

We all know sunscreen helps protect against the sun’s damaging rays. Read more

Best Sunscreens
Sun Care

Protect With the Best: Our Experts’ Favorite Sunscreens

It’s your best friend, it’s your secret weapon: in the long run, a sunscreen can make all the difference for your skin, so choosing wisely is imperative.  Read more

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