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Cindy Crawford Beauty Quote

Cindy Crawford


February 18, 2015

Charlotte loves to talk about all things beauty and wellness, but she also loves to listen to the wise words of timeless beauties and the gurus. Today’s wisdom is a tribute to and lesson from the elegant ease of Supermodel Cindy Crawford. Crawford, unequivocally one of the most stunning women alive, has graced the pages of every major fashion magazine, stolen the show alongside film and rock legends, and continues to top lists of the sexiest women of all time. Through accolades and critique, including the recent viral leaks of untouched photos, Crawford continues to defy the expectations of a supermodel, while approaching her 50’s. Whether she is casually admitting to having had Botox or showing up on social media feeds au naturale, Crawford’s characteristic sophistication and wit reminds us that no one, not even a supermodel, looks that gorgeous without a bit of effort.

This week, we wish Cindy Crawford Happy Birthday! 49 never looked so impossibly good.

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