Clearing Acne by Dr. Brandt Associates

Summer is here and Dr. Brandt Dermatology Associates provides some tips on how to clear up acne and minimizes the scarring it causes.   For those suffering from this dreaded concern, the lack of solution could very well be from either limiting yourself to over-the-counter products or a lack of consistency in your routine. Either way, your best chance for victory, claims Dr. Brandt Associates, is early intervention with the help of a board-certified dermatologist who can show you that proper moisturizer and sunscreen actually aid in healing the problem, not add to it, and consistent regimens go a long way.

With a little diligence and patience, and the right prescription, it is completely possible to get acne under control, and then there are effective treatments, like Vbeam and Fraxel, that can minimize the evidence once it’s banished for good.  

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