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Crow’s Feet

As we get older our skin become thinner and dryer as part of the natural aging process.  Being the skin around our eyes is thinner in nature it is quicker to wrinkle than any other part of the face. These wrinkles that form around the corners of our eyes are most commonly known as crows’ feet (being it looks like a little crow left his foot print there), and can start to take shape as early as our 20’s.

Aside from genetics, the most common factors that accelerate the formation of crows’ feet are frequent sun exposure and cigarette smoking, and for either the hazards are two-fold: sunlight ages skin and also causes people to squint; smoking also causes people to squint, while the chemicals in cigarette smoke break down elastin in the skin and cause premature aging. Other contributing factors to crow’s feet acceleration are the various ways we mistreat our skin (albeit unintentionally), such as applying harsh chemicals or scrubs to such a sensitive area, the constant rubbing of our sleepy eyes, the vigorous way we remove our eye makeup during a decade of late nights, sleeping on the side of our face, or regular exposure to free radicals.

The good news is that it takes thick skin to form a deep wrinkle, which means that mere physics doesn’t allow our thin-skinned crow’s feet to deepen beyond a certain point.  So, the same factor that causes the crows’ feet to appear—thin skin—is the reason these lines will never become deep wrinkles…and then there are the many treatments to make them disappear altogether.

Treatments for Crow’s Feet
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