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Dull Skin

The loss of our youthful glow is often the first thing we notice about ourselves as we begin to age. Skin is the largest organ of the human body and it’s the most visible, too, so when it’s tired, stressed, or dehydrated it looks just that, and in a major way. Dullness is one of the first extrinsic signs of aging. For the most part, it is the result of excessive buildup on the outside layer of the skin that is not properly exfoliated on a regular basis.

As we grow older, our cells become weaker, and the signs of damage become more noticeable.  Constant exposure to the UV rays of the sun also causes our skin to appear dull and dry. As we age the body’s functionality slows down and vital nutrients are not delivered as quickly or adequately to where they are needed.  Other conditions, such as lack of sleep or exhaustion, poor nutrition, stress, lack of hydration, smoking or polluted environmental conditions, and washing with harsh water all contribute to the depletion of vitality from the body and skin, leaving it dull and lackluster.

In addition to the many treatments available, one of the most reliable ways to brighten a complexion is getting monthly facial treatments from a trusted esthetician. Quality facials are stress reducing, exfoliating, hydrating, and provide skin with enriching ingredients that replenish skin with vital nutrients and brighten it from the inside out.

Treatments for Dull Skin
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