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A very many of us will experience dark circles or under-eye “bags” as we age. These occur because the skin under the eyes is among our body’s thinnest and most sensitive layer. As we age, we lose volume in the area, which may cause a hollow that appears as a shadow and is also prone to fluid buildup or swelling that causes a puffy crescent beneath the eye. This is typically only a cosmetic matter that can be remedied by topical creams, noninvasive treatments, or in more severe cases, cosmetic surgery.

To a certain degree, dark circles and bags are predetermined by genetics, but there are a number of manageable causes as to why they become more prominent, and knowing what they are will help you take preventative measures. Take note of the following causes of dark circles and under-eye bags:

Lack of sleep – without proper rest, the blood vessels in the think under-eye skin become temporarily darkened.

Sun exposure – too much sun exposure accelerates thinning of sensitive under-eye skin and can even cause skin to appear darkened.

Improper diet – not getting the proper vitamins, minerals, and nutrients takes a toll on your skin, and the eyes are the first indicators of a poor diet.

Harmful cosmetics and products – applying makeup or creams that contain harsh chemicals directly to the thin skin under your eyes can cause irritation and damage.

Allergies – nasal congestion or sinus related allergies cause under-eye puffiness, as does frequent rubbing of your eyes during allergy season.

Excessive alcohol, smoking, salt intake – drinking, smoking, and salting can all cause your blood vessels to retain extra fluids, and more so in your delicate under-eye area, so be mindful of your vices.


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