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Hand Rejuvenation

Second-only to the face, hands can be the first telltale sign of aging. The visible signs of aging hands come in the form of skin that appears dry, worn-thin, chapped, wrinkled, veiny, uneven in color, or with noticeable age spots.

Very often, the hands are faster to show signs of aging than any part of the body, and itā€™s no wonder. They are the most sun-exposed part of the body and often endure other elements such as wind and dry weather.Ā  They are also constantly immersed in water, often with drying soaps or harsh chemicals. Aside from the environmental factors, the aging process itself causes fat loss, which also makes our hands appear older.Ā Other causes of premature aging of the hands include heredity, use of commercial tanning lamps/beds, birth control pills, pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, liver diseases, and stress.

Treatments for Hand Rejuvenation
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