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Scarring is the result of the skin’s natural healing process. Scars are caused by the growth of fibrous tissue (collagen) over and around wounds as they heal.  Scars are formed due to a variety of reasons, including injuries, burns, surgery, an inflammation of tissue, or a result of skin infection (like chicken pox or acne). They can appear anywhere on the body and they vary in structure; they may appear sunken, lumpy, flat, discolored, smooth, ridged, etc, and will change over time.

Proper care of an injury or skin lesion may greatly reduce the appearance of a scar. There are also other preventative measures you can take while a scar is forming such as keeping out of the sun, staying active so a scar is stretched instead of tightened, lightly massaging the area to spread and flatten the tissue, and avoid using harsh products and scrubs.

The final appearance of a scar depends on several considerations, including the depth and size of the wound, location of the wound on the body, how long it takes the wound to heal, your age, gender, ethnicity, heredity, and level of sun exposure while wound is healing. Scars usually fade over time and can be minimized by creams and dermatological techniques, but making them disappear entirely is a rather challenging endeavor.

Treatments for Scars
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